New work tomorrow…

I’ll be posting some new work tomorrow.   This week has been very hectic and I am not feeling well. On the plus side, I will have time off on Thursday so I plan on focusing on some long simmering ideas. Huzzah. I want to have a song of the day. Hmmm..wouldn’t that be interesting.

I find I work better when music is playing. And now that I have discovered the musical goldmine that is J-pop and J-rock, I love listening to the music. I kinda get lost in the melody and rhythm; the vocals, the harmonies…it is freeing.  Do you find the music influences what you work on? It definitely influences me. I am painting or drawing to the music, for the music. That gives me an idea…

And is it a cheat to use glitter in art? I don’t think so. …tissue paper and glitter!!


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