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I know I said I would have my website done by today…however I hit a snag and then had to rethink everything I wanted to do.

My original idea was to only use html and css and call it a day. Then I realized that in order for me to do everything I wanted my site to do using only html and css would require a level of coding skill I simply do not possess. Therefore I have decided to take a chance and do my website in Flash. So far so good.

So far things are going well. What knowledge of I have of Flash is coming back to me and I feel like as soon as I overcome this one hurdle I am having the site will be done in no time.


Making Progress

I have finally come up with the layout for my website. Actually,  I had come up with the layout a few days ago. I didn’t want to use Flash to redo my site, but I realized last night that I need to use that program. For the website to do what I want it to do using Html/Xhtml would require a level of skill and knowledge I simply do not have. I gave myself a headache trying to figure it all out.

I will have the site done by Saturday though. I have done “websites” in Flash before but they never went live (but they did work). So I just have to wrap my head around what it is I want to do and just do it.

I can think of better ways to spend a birthday, but it isn’t like there is anyone around to celebrate with so I might as well work.

I’ll do an illustration later on this morning and post it.

Needed a pick me up…

Lately, I have been feeling a little blue. Tonight I feel especially down because it is Friday and once again I have nowhere to go…so I decided to make myself a cheerful illustration, “Bestfriends”:


The website redesign isn’t going as well as I thought. I can’t decide on what colors I want to use. Perhaps I will go for something dark this time.  I want something that reflects who I am without being too “girly” which really makes no sense because I am “girly.” I’ll keep working at it. Whichever direction I take, will look different by next Saturday.

I think the next digital illustration I do I will do in Painter. I haven’t used it in forever, but the next sketch I want to develop needs to have a painterly look.