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Breaking the Silence, breaking new ground


After a long sabbatical, I have returned refreshed and full of ideas.

In 2007, after the passing of beloved cat Kitty Ike, I decided to live one of my dreams. I moved to a foreign country to live and work. I was only supposed to be gone for one or two years.

I ended up living overseas for about 4 years.  In that time, I helped to teach children and adults English while learning a new language and trying to find my place within the community and country.

Some days were very difficult, some were very easy. I learned a lot about myself and got a lot of inspiration from the people around me.

I am back in the United States ready to work harder than ever to establish myself as a Avant Garde illustrator and painter as well as jewelry designer. Sometimes, we have to take the road less travelled to find out place in the world.