Archive | June 2012

Work Space

My new work space is smaller than the one I used to have. 

It is a make-shift table full of stuff. I store my supplies in storage ottomans and shoe boxes. My work takes up half my bedroom. It is all very cramped and small. Which could explain why some of my work is small at the moment. I’m limited by my space.



It is difficult trying to establish myself. 

I don’t know how people feel about art. Who is collecting new art these days? Who are the art patrons? I would still like to do a gallery show one day. I want, desperately want, my etsy shop to take off. It took several months before I made my first sale the last time I opened my shop. Many of my paintings and stuff are getting favorited and listed, but no takers. I’ll be adding some new necklaces to the shop as part of my summer collection.