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Who are you?!

I’ve been doing more digital painting with some apps for my iPod Touch.  I’ve mainly been using the Artrage  app (I also so own the program on my laptop). I do believe that such apps for mobile devices are a very legitimate medium for this day and age. One thing that needs to be remembered is that when doing art on a digital platform is to sign and/or watermark your art. (Which i can forget from time to time). So on you mobile device, it is good to have a photo editing app so you can and your own stamp and watermark.

Here are some recent paintings done on my iPod touch:


Action Plan


I was going through some boxes the other day and ran across a book I bought back in 2005. It is workbook called “The Artist’s marketing and action plan Workbook”.  The first part of the book you are filling out a survey and making out mission statements. Some of the things I wrote as far as what I wanted to accomplish and who I admired were so   amateurish and young. It seemed like I had a goal in mind but it wasn’t authentic or didn’t come from a genuine place.  I’m older now and I’ve experienced more. My ideas have grown, my concepts have grown. I think even my horizons have grown. 

Articulating those ideas and concepts and reaching those horizons…that is another story

Actual paint vs. Digital paint

Lately, I haven’t been doing any *actual* painting but I have been doing painting with computer programs. I’m fine and very confident working with vector programs, but paint programs like Corel Painter or Artrage baffle me a little. I have seen some excellent pieces done by other artist who are very comfortable with the programs. I’m not as comfortable with painting programs because of some block in my mind about the genuine-ness  of it all.

The following are some digital paint pieces I’ve done my iPod touch.

Heat by Karmen Brown 

Sunrise by Karmen Brown

On the jewelry making side, I have been doing some up-cycling or re-purposing of items for necklaces and earrings.