Some more Year of the Rat ATC

I have just about finished my space themed year of the Rat ATC (artist trading card). I noticed I didn’t line the planet in the upper left corner. Other than that, it is done.
Space Themed Year of the Rat ATC

This next ATC I am having some issues with.
in progress ATC

The main problem is deciding what colors to use. I want the star to appear iridescent like gem and rainbow will be the tail. I just know that the starry gem is going to take a while to do. I will have to build layers to get it how I want itPonder. I am using gouche and acrylic on this ATC. The red and gold are working very well for me. The border will be gold leaf (using a gold leafing pen). I will definitely use those colors on the 3rd ATC I am working on!


Works in Progress…

So, I am working on 3 more Chinese New Year (Year of the Rat) art cards:
Year of the Rat art cards

The first one I am working on I am trying to go for a space and time theme. I am using watercolor pencils and ink.
Year of the Rat art card - Outerspace

This is very much still progress…

Where does the time go???

I was able to get some art done today.
I started my 3rd Valentine’s Day collage/painting:
Untitled Valetine’s Day Painting
It still needs some work. I think it may need more tissue paper. Also, my woman’s face needs work. She just needs work in general.

Here is my Sunset ACEO.
Sunset ACEO
I’m going to try a few more like this one.


Can you believe this is my first ACEO. It turned out pretty good. I had to add glitter! Don’t ask me what it is because I really don’t know. I just let my subconscious do the drawing. Plus I finally got a chance to use my new chair.
Let me show my new imported markers:

These are very nice. The smaller ones have brush like tip. The fat ones remind me of Sharpies. Plus they are two sided. I have Sharpies…
I couldn’t resist buying rainbow colors in two sizes: regular and thin. I have had these for a while.

Of course, no former art student is complete without their Prismacolors:

So these are the tools used to work on my ACEO card.