Collage Art

One medium I was just testing the water on before I left for Japan was collage art. I was especially interested in integrating rhinestones, sparkles, and glitter with my paintings and also using traditional Japanese/Japanese styled papers.

It was important for me to have a reason to use those items in the work. How does it help tell the story?  I’m currently working on a series of  designs that intergrate the rhinestones into the works. The first one is really quite pretty (although, I’m not quite done).

In regards to my Etsy shop, I have decided to sell my early jewelry.  I wasn’t going to at first but I believe in the designs and the works. They have the quirky feel

Time Goes By…

It has been a while since my last post ( seem to be writing that line a lot these days).

I have moved to Japan and I am teaching English. The point of moving to Japan was to break the creative blockage I felt while still living in the States. I have had time to absorb the culture (a little) and get used to a new way of life.

I live out in the country, in the mountains. It is very peaceful here and it is easy to get lost in your thoughts. I have made some great friends with other gaijin that I hope last well beyond this point and time.

I have not done much artwork beyond a random doddle here and there. I am researching and trying to produce paperdolls using Chiyogami and Washi paper.  The research is learning how to make the dolls successfully. I have also tried  origami. I can make very simple things but my Holy Grail is the crane. I am envious of anyone who can create the crane.

I want to further expand on the 3D works I had created when I lived in Maryland and these new works will incorporate the paperdolls. That is the goal right now.