New works….Mid December


Life is going. I’ve been doing more digital paintings. I am learning to enjoy it more. I still miss using watercolors and acrylics.  Digital painting is convenient  and less mess (no clean up). I am finding that my paintings a very “painterly” and almost sculptural in nature. Here are few of my latest works:

abstract painting by KBrown 2012

abstract painting by KBrown 2012

abstract painting by KBrown 2012

abstract painting by KBrown 2012













I’m considering entering some art contest.  It is all part of having more confidence in my work.  I do have to say that my ideas and my aesthetics have become more refined. I’m willing to take more risks.


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What inspires us? If we write, why do we write? If we draw, why do we draw? If we take photographs, what makes us take that photograph?

These questions went through my mind over the Thanksgiving holiday. I’ve been feeling stagnant in my work and felt the need to sit  and try to understand what I am missing my life that should be giving me a drive to create better works of art. To paint better more interesting subjects. To take more dynamic photos. To take more chances and really put myself out there.  This life a lonely one. But I suppose it doesn’t have to be.

I present my most recent Artrage painting (done on iPod touch).

autumn day

Digital Painting by K. Brown 2012

Little Pillows for your soul

Hello Hello,

It is very late and I need to go to bed, but I don’t necessarily feel tired. I’m trying to steer more people to my shop and get my artwork and jewelry sold. The porcelain pieces are coming along nicely. I still need to handpaint them. I’m going to introduce rings into the shop within the coming weeks. They are going to be very boho and very cute.

I need to get back to painting though. I often ask myself,” Will I ever animate again?” and “Will I expand on my marionette story??”  I just keep plugging away hoping that something will catch the eye or start a trend. It is rough staying positive throughout the growth and hardwork, but I know that payoff and recognition is JUST around the corner.

The beautiful butterfly goes through a long but peaceful transformation but the Phoenix must set itself a blaze before it can rise again renewed.  Which am I?

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Hello my friends!

I hope you are well.

I’m still working on my memoir about living and working in Japan. I’m very excited about this project.

I’ve been working on more jewelry. I spent the afternoon shaping porcelain medallions for hand-painting designs on. I have some simple pendants I will put on chains tonight for placement in my shop by tomorrow afternoon. I’m need to decide if I want to put more earrings into my shop. When I think about jewelry, earrings just don’t come into my  mind. I definitely need to do more earrings.

Business wise, I’m still waiting for business to pick up. The market is tough. But I know I make quality interesting things that come from the heart. I am willing to put myself out there. Each painting is piece of myself.  I’m also building some collage pieces. I may test some small collages out in my shop.

If you haven’t check it out, please visit Perfumed Plums.

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My favorite origami creation!

Hazy World

My hope for tomorrow is that I make something good.
Lately, my experiments in jewelry have been producing things to put Frankenstein’s Monster to shame.
My Portuguese Man-O-War is an abomination of all things beautiful and it will be dealt with.  Whatelse?  I will definitely get some rest tonight and forge ahead tomorrow. I need to create somethings and finish others.  When was the last time I did some computer art or redo my website, yes…I will redo my website this weekend (or at least start the process). I will include a links page. O’k. Time for sleep.

What’s your value?

Pursuing an authentic career in the fine arts is possibly the most challenging thing a person can do. You must battle self-doubt, back-biting from other artists, and an entire art establishment that is more interested in maintaining the same themes and ideas over cultivating new talent and out of the box mediums. Then you have a public that may or may not know or even care about art. Art is Monet and Van Gogh, not John R. Doe or Jane Q. Then you have the mass marketing of cookie cutter art work via your Targets and Walmarts and such. What chance does the artist of the 20th and 21st century have. How do you get seen in an ocean of many?

Too many would be artist give up because the struggle is so immense. You don’t make money, people don’t understand what the hell you are doing or even why you are doing it, and they often wonder why you don’t get “meaningful” employment. Most people don’t see art as the reflection of life or culture, the pictorial journal of a journey, the dance of brushstrokes, the message in the movement. It is just some paint on a canvas and it doesn’t mean anything. That is quite the wall the get over.

However, that is why so many continue on. We have something to express, to say. We are working through our issues on the canvas, behind the lens, in the clay. The call to the arts is a calling like no other. You can’t just turn “it” off and be “normal.” You base your value on how many people see your work, how many people buy your work. You base your value on whether or not you get the museum show or a write in an art magazine or journal. If you don’t get any of the outside validation you need, then how do you know what your value is? Even if you determine your own value, how do you get others to see your value?