Un-official finished pieces.

I just finished my latest paintings.There is something about the lack of refinement that is both attractive to me and vexing to me. There is a homey-ness, painterly feel; simplicity in the execution. Or maybe the desire to have simplicity in the execution. I will be doing more paintings like this.

In the end, it about beauty and color and things that are shiny.

Like the days spent playing in your mothers jewelry box or something. The preciousness and value in the gems are the ones you feel inside; the value is personal and internal.


Two paintings: Affordable Opulence and Opulence is an Illusion. Both by Karmen Brown (2012)


Thank You…

I would like to thank everyone who supported me while I completed my “Twelve Days of Christmas Illustration” Challenge!

Here is the final display for my images, ENJOY!

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Needed a pick me up…

Lately, I have been feeling a little blue. Tonight I feel especially down because it is Friday and once again I have nowhere to go…so I decided to make myself a cheerful illustration, “Bestfriends”:


The website redesign isn’t going as well as I thought. I can’t decide on what colors I want to use. Perhaps I will go for something dark this time.  I want something that reflects who I am without being too “girly” which really makes no sense because I am “girly.” I’ll keep working at it. Whichever direction I take, will look different by next Saturday.

I think the next digital illustration I do I will do in Painter. I haven’t used it in forever, but the next sketch I want to develop needs to have a painterly look.