Uh oh, I’m on a deadline.

Yikes! Today is the 10th and my TDoXmas project starts in 2 days.  Plus I took on a small freelance gig. It doesn’t pay much, but it was something that sounded fun so I said..why not. I need to keep my skills up anyway.  I sent the guy my latest versions, but I haven’t heard back yet.
My new crafting obsession is glitter. Did you know they make glitter glue for glue guns. Hot.Glittery.Glue.  Oh my!  I’m posting pictures of my glitter glue tomorrow (it’s late and I don’t feel like going to down to my office to take pictures). Oh.Oh.Oh. I also have this thing for color pens…I.Love.Color.Pens. The whole bloody rainbow!!! Glitter, rainbows, and…and..unicorns. Who doesn’t like unicorns!

Anywho, I’m listening to Orange Range right now. GOD69 to be exact. I really like that song. Yamato is beast on this song! I think that is why I like it. Look, don’t get me started.  I know I need to go to bed. I have classes to teach tomorrow. It is my last day at one of  the locations.

Alright..tomorrow I’ll post my glittery, rainbow pictures