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Where does the time go???

I was able to get some art done today.
I started my 3rd Valentine’s Day collage/painting:
Untitled Valetine’s Day Painting
It still needs some work. I think it may need more tissue paper. Also, my woman’s face needs work. She just needs work in general.

Here is my Sunset ACEO.
Sunset ACEO
I’m going to try a few more like this one.

One more time…

This fish painting is about done. There I need to fix the eyelid. It didn’t look bad when I did it, but looking at the photo…it just looks a little off.


The sea turtle is coming along. It is a struggle because I am not in the same frame of mind as when I did the Deep Sea Turtle painting.

no name

Now, I will continue to redesign the DancingChimeras site. Hopefully, I will be able to go live with the new look by the 8th of November.

Dragonflies and Butterflies

My sister just moved to an apartment I wanted some artwork for her kitchen area. She really loved what I did with Deep Sea Turtle, and wants 4 paintings similar to that style. The first two paintings I am working on are the dragonfly and butterfly. She also wants a turtle and fish. I had her pick out the colors because she is very particular. So, I have some process photos for your viewing pleasure:



My goal is to finish these paintings this weekend. Today, I will do some more digital artwork. I have a lot sketches I’ve been meaning to work on. Plus I still need to redo my DancingChimeras site. I will sketch that up later tonight and start work on that Monday.

I have many many ideas that need to be fleshed out…