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Works in progress

I am almost finished with the fish painting. I think it came out too fast, but I suppose I don’t have to spend days and days on a painting. I don’t know where I got the idea that something needed to take hours. But here is how the fish is looking so far:


The sea turtle is whole other story. It isn’t coming together how I want it to.  I may need to think about it some more. Perhaps I need another color to pull out of it. I want to avoid using yellow…maybe a peachy pink color for highlights.  Maybe I am having issues with my base color…I don’t know. It will come together:



I have really be neglecting my animation work.  I haven’t finished any scripts or done any storyboarding in quite a while. I will look through some of my concepts and see which ones I can develop. I never did finish my Deep Sea Fishies story. That one might be fun to work on.

At some point I need to redo the sound for Dragon/Crane animation. I don’t when it got so screwed up.