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Telling the story

What do you want to say? What are you saying with you creation? What is the story behind the art? Those are the questions I ask myself  when I start and as I do a project. As I work on  project, it is like journey. I’m going on an adventure through my mind; through my subconscious. Sometimes, I’m looking for answers. I rarely find what I am looking for.

I’ve hit a wall where my jewelry line is concerned. I have pieces that are almost ready, but I won’t take that final step to complete them and put them on the market. I’m not sure what I am waiting for.  It is kinda of like a writing block; it is a designer block.

Back to the grind, I suppose.

Why sell the original?

The other day, my sister saw my Etsy shop.

She wanted to know if I ever thought about selling prints of artwork instead of the original piece. I told her no. And then I thought about why.

The reason I sell some of my original paintings is because I want people to have a piece of something unique. I have painting collections that are more personal or part of a message about life or some such stuff. But the paintings I decide to sell are pretty gems from my subconscious and I believe there is someone who can appreciate that part of me. There are people who can see what I see or maybe they see something completely different. It is way of communicating and sharing.