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One more time…

This fish painting is about done. There I need to fix the eyelid. It didn’t look bad when I did it, but looking at the photo…it just looks a little off.


The sea turtle is coming along. It is a struggle because I am not in the same frame of mind as when I did the Deep Sea Turtle painting.

no name

Now, I will continue to redesign the DancingChimeras site. Hopefully, I will be able to go live with the new look by the 8th of November.

Works in progress

I am almost finished with the fish painting. I think it came out too fast, but I suppose I don’t have to spend days and days on a painting. I don’t know where I got the idea that something needed to take hours. But here is how the fish is looking so far:


The sea turtle is whole other story. It isn’t coming together how I want it to.  I may need to think about it some more. Perhaps I need another color to pull out of it. I want to avoid using yellow…maybe a peachy pink color for highlights.  Maybe I am having issues with my base color…I don’t know. It will come together:



I have really be neglecting my animation work.  I haven’t finished any scripts or done any storyboarding in quite a while. I will look through some of my concepts and see which ones I can develop. I never did finish my Deep Sea Fishies story. That one might be fun to work on.

At some point I need to redo the sound for Dragon/Crane animation. I don’t when it got so screwed up.

Two down, two to go!

I have completed the paintings of the dragonfly and the butterfly. I am very happy with the finished product.

Completed Dragonfly and Butterfly painting

The next two in the series are a fish and sea turtle. My sister liked the design that was on the fish and asked me to include it on the finished painting. That design was already in my sketchbook and I drew the fish around it while trying to flesh out an idea for her final painting.

Fish and Turtle Process

My goal is to have these paintings done by Thursday.