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Hello my friends!

I hope you are well.

I’m still working on my memoir about living and working in Japan. I’m very excited about this project.

I’ve been working on more jewelry. I spent the afternoon shaping porcelain medallions for hand-painting designs on. I have some simple pendants I will put on chains tonight for placement in my shop by tomorrow afternoon. I’m need to decide if I want to put more earrings into my shop. When I think about jewelry, earrings just don’t come into my  mind. I definitely need to do more earrings.

Business wise, I’m still waiting for business to pick up. The market is tough. But I know I make quality interesting things that come from the heart. I am willing to put myself out there. Each painting is piece of myself.  I’m also building some collage pieces. I may test some small collages out in my shop.

If you haven’t check it out, please visit Perfumed Plums.

Until next time…

My favorite origami creation!

Scratch that. Do it again.

Hello Again,

I keep meaning to post more often, but then life/work gets in the way. Not that I don’t have lots to say; I do. But, sometimes the words in my head get stuck and I can’t put them to page.  This is an issue because I want to write about  my experience in Japan: my feelings, my interactions, what I learned about myself…and my downfall (why I couldn’t stay).  

     Hundreds of people go there to work and live, many decide to make Japan their home, others want to but can’t. And still others just want to go see and experience Japan on the short term. We are all in  a common stream but come with different experience, unique to ourselves. I really want to share my story.  I need to this to help heal and forgive myself as well as show appreciation for the people I met and worked with. Those who were there for me when I thought no one was. This part of  my life was profound and I can’t pretend like it never happened.

   Painting!!! Not.Really. I working on collages right now. For me, creating an art piece is like a journey through a maze. Or maybe a scavenger hunt. I’m looking for all the puzzle pieces. I have come up with some pretty nifty ideas. I put a small one together earlier today. Yes, this plan has legs and will be walking.


Thanks for stopping by.


Creative Block

This past week, I’ve been in bit of a rut. It may be that I have too many potential projects to focus on. I have this book on Art and fear; and I think I have a lot of fear right now.   When you create something, it is so personal and it is born of you  life and experiences.  I piece of your soul goes into it. I can be maddening, but the results are beautiful. Paintings, illustrations, photos…whatever it is you do to express yourself does not have to be complex. It just has to be real, authentic, genuine. I believe people enjoy that about  works of art they view and/or experience.

Action Plan


I was going through some boxes the other day and ran across a book I bought back in 2005. It is workbook called “The Artist’s marketing and action plan Workbook”.  The first part of the book you are filling out a survey and making out mission statements. Some of the things I wrote as far as what I wanted to accomplish and who I admired were so   amateurish and young. It seemed like I had a goal in mind but it wasn’t authentic or didn’t come from a genuine place.  I’m older now and I’ve experienced more. My ideas have grown, my concepts have grown. I think even my horizons have grown. 

Articulating those ideas and concepts and reaching those horizons…that is another story

Unintentional Hiatus…

Yup. I had an unintentional hiatus. I didn’t mean for it to happen, but I hit a major roadblock creatively. I haven’t been able to write or paint or make jewelry/art. I have lost my inspiration and drive. Not sure what direction I want to take my work in. 

The issue is that I have too many interests and outlets I want to pursue. I have to scale back and focus.

But, I am on my way back. I’m sketching again. I’m thinking about a photo project but it is just a sparkle in my eye for now.

Work Space

My new work space is smaller than the one I used to have. 

It is a make-shift table full of stuff. I store my supplies in storage ottomans and shoe boxes. My work takes up half my bedroom. It is all very cramped and small. Which could explain why some of my work is small at the moment. I’m limited by my space.



It is difficult trying to establish myself. 

I don’t know how people feel about art. Who is collecting new art these days? Who are the art patrons? I would still like to do a gallery show one day. I want, desperately want, my etsy shop to take off. It took several months before I made my first sale the last time I opened my shop. Many of my paintings and stuff are getting favorited and listed, but no takers. I’ll be adding some new necklaces to the shop as part of my summer collection.

Un-official finished pieces.

I just finished my latest paintings.There is something about the lack of refinement that is both attractive to me and vexing to me. There is a homey-ness, painterly feel; simplicity in the execution. Or maybe the desire to have simplicity in the execution. I will be doing more paintings like this.

In the end, it about beauty and color and things that are shiny.

Like the days spent playing in your mothers jewelry box or something. The preciousness and value in the gems are the ones you feel inside; the value is personal and internal.


Two paintings: Affordable Opulence and Opulence is an Illusion. Both by Karmen Brown (2012)


New stuff….

I have always wondered whether or not it is smart to show my works in progress. I enjoy the creative process but I wonder if someone will see something I’m doing, incorporate that into their work and then accuse me of copying them or something. I may just be paranoid.

BUT, I’m working on a series featuring patterns and rhinestones and tissue papers. They are small pieces of individual paintings, but will all work together to tell a story. Perhaps six to nine panels. Here are two the panels now:

opulence is an illusion

Opulence is an Illusion by Karmen Brown 2012

and here is the other

Affordable Opulence

Affordable Opulence by Karmen Brown (2012)

Telling the story

What do you want to say? What are you saying with you creation? What is the story behind the art? Those are the questions I ask myself  when I start and as I do a project. As I work on  project, it is like journey. I’m going on an adventure through my mind; through my subconscious. Sometimes, I’m looking for answers. I rarely find what I am looking for.

I’ve hit a wall where my jewelry line is concerned. I have pieces that are almost ready, but I won’t take that final step to complete them and put them on the market. I’m not sure what I am waiting for.  It is kinda of like a writing block; it is a designer block.

Back to the grind, I suppose.

Why sell the original?

The other day, my sister saw my Etsy shop.

She wanted to know if I ever thought about selling prints of artwork instead of the original piece. I told her no. And then I thought about why.

The reason I sell some of my original paintings is because I want people to have a piece of something unique. I have painting collections that are more personal or part of a message about life or some such stuff. But the paintings I decide to sell are pretty gems from my subconscious and I believe there is someone who can appreciate that part of me. There are people who can see what I see or maybe they see something completely different. It is way of communicating and sharing.