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New works….Mid December


Life is going. I’ve been doing more digital paintings. I am learning to enjoy it more. I still miss using watercolors and acrylics.  Digital painting is convenient  and less mess (no clean up). I am finding that my paintings a very “painterly” and almost sculptural in nature. Here are few of my latest works:

abstract painting by KBrown 2012

abstract painting by KBrown 2012

abstract painting by KBrown 2012

abstract painting by KBrown 2012













I’m considering entering some art contest.  It is all part of having more confidence in my work.  I do have to say that my ideas and my aesthetics have become more refined. I’m willing to take more risks.


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New Art Master Post

Hello Again.

I’m happy to report I have been busy creating. Lately, I have been using Artrage on my iPod Touch. It is really a tool/resource of convenience. It is easy to expand on an idea or act on inspiration when on the go. On the fly art!

Floral Fire

Floral Fire by KBrown, 2012


Shimmer by KBrown,2012

Misty Morn

Misty Morn by KBrown, 2012

Setting Sun

Setting Sun by KBrown, 2012

Misty Garden

Misty Garden by KBrown, 2012

The Distant One

The Distant One by K.Brown, 2012

Who are you?!

I’ve been doing more digital painting with some apps for my iPod Touch.  I’ve mainly been using the Artrage  app (I also so own the program on my laptop). I do believe that such apps for mobile devices are a very legitimate medium for this day and age. One thing that needs to be remembered is that when doing art on a digital platform is to sign and/or watermark your art. (Which i can forget from time to time). So on you mobile device, it is good to have a photo editing app so you can and your own stamp and watermark.

Here are some recent paintings done on my iPod touch:



Can you believe this is my first ACEO. It turned out pretty good. I had to add glitter! Don’t ask me what it is because I really don’t know. I just let my subconscious do the drawing. Plus I finally got a chance to use my new chair.
Let me show my new imported markers:

These are very nice. The smaller ones have brush like tip. The fat ones remind me of Sharpies. Plus they are two sided. I have Sharpies…
I couldn’t resist buying rainbow colors in two sizes: regular and thin. I have had these for a while.

Of course, no former art student is complete without their Prismacolors:

So these are the tools used to work on my ACEO card.