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Since my last post, I have been very fatigued and not feeling very well…thus I have not done anymore ATC’s nor have I finished my Valentine’s project. I feel unaccomplished because of this but what can I do. Starting March 1st I will stop producing art as I need to back up my studio.

On April 19th, I will be flying to Japan. I will be living there for at least a year. In my heart, I want to stay longer. I did do a couple of Valentine’s Day photos.


Sweet Love

All for Love

I normally get depressed around Valentine’s Day. But I have found focus in doing these illustration inspired by Valentine’s Day. It is still early. Who knows how I will feel come February 12th or 13th đŸ˜‰
I think I have done all I can for the following illustration titled “Love Letter 1.”
Love Letter no. 1

The Soaring Heart
The Soaring Heart

Four down, ten to go….

Where does the time go???

I was able to get some art done today.
I started my 3rd Valentine’s Day collage/painting:
Untitled Valetine’s Day Painting
It still needs some work. I think it may need more tissue paper. Also, my woman’s face needs work. She just needs work in general.

Here is my Sunset ACEO.
Sunset ACEO
I’m going to try a few more like this one.