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Playing with filters

Since almost everything that is electronic now has camera, everyone fancy themselves a photographer. Which is fine. Whether you are an amateur or professional, we all want to capture that moment. Some people have a natural talent for photo composition and framing. Other people not so much. Why do I mention this. Filters. The world of photo editing and filters has turned into kind of an art form. When to use which filter. Holga or  Lomo?  Lighting effects. The art of applying filters to make an image “pop” or tell more of a story than what is really going on.Image

Giving photos personality? Hey pretty flower, what is your story??  

Untitled Floral Painting

 untitled floral painting
This is it.   At first I wasn’t too sure, but I am starting to like it more. I definitely needs more work…but yeah, I think it is pretty. I will make it prettier…