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I’ve come to realize you really need to be careful who you let in. I mean, who you let see the true you. Some folks will stop at nothing to take advantage of you once they think they have gained your trust. This is especially true for those who work in the arts. A lot of the work we do is very personal and comes from a personal place. To have some one tear that work apart can be traumatic. I’m not even talking about constructive criticism, I’m talking about someone just saying or doing things that totally disrespects the work you are doing. 

For all of us, the way we express ourselves is different. How we work, why we work, who we work with shapes our art and shapes us. I suppose, what I’m trying to say is be careful and be kind. Be careful who you open yourself to and be kind to yourself and your work.



The Ship Arrives by K.Brown

A Run In My Pantyhose…

I haven’t done any collages yet.

My plan is to do some tomorrow.  Classes started again and I may be getting yet another class. If these locations were right around the corner I’d be o’k. But I spend so much time in my car, it is ridiculous. Don’t get me started on the gas.

In anycase, I will do some ACEOs tomorrow. I got these awesome markers from Japan so I think I will use them for these projects.  Oh my! I need to update my monthly art thingie…