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A Long Overdue Update!


Sorry I have been gone for so long.

I wish I could say I have been busy with all sorts of creative projects, but that is not the case.

I have wanted to do an update and what has been going on in my life and here it is:

The past couple of years has been very chaotic for me.  My father has two forms of cancer: Multiple Myeloma and Myelodysplasitc Syndrome (MDS) with Lukemia. They stopped treatment of the Multiple Myeloma to treat the MDS as it can go down hill very fast for him if not treated.

The MDS has really taken a toll on his mental state, The chemotherapy has destroyed his short term memory. It can be like dealing with someone with a traumatic brain injury. He constantly asks the same questions over and over again. He needs to get blood thinners every night and needs to reminded to take his medications.

My Mom is being strong and being a loving wife to the best of her abilities. It is hard for me as a daughter to see my father in declining health, so I can only imagine what is like of her to seeing the man she loves waste away. My sister lives away from home but close enough to visit. She has her career with DoJ agency and wishes the situation were different so she could spend more time with the family and sharing the responsibility of caring for our Dad. She helps when she can and visits as often as she can. He is still going at the age of 82 and we blessed to have him our lives still.

I have mainly been doing photography projects as it is easy for me to pick up the camera and capture images. I am starting to paint again, slowly. It can be challenging to carve out the time.

I will be posting updates of my photo work and any illustrations and paintings I work on. I may start doing my 3D art and mix media.

Thank you so much for reading. Please keep your faith in my and my work.

Thank you so much for following and reading this blog. I really appreciate it.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

So far, my start to the New Year has been slow.  I’m still dealing with a lot of family issues and serious financial woes that can seriously suck the joy and imagination out of my life. But my goal for this year is to get myself out there more. What does that mean? That means promoting myself more, not being so shy about my work. 

I do feel self conscious about my work/art because it may not look or feel like what is popular with current art consumers/customers. But I can only do what I know and what  I feel and what moves me. I can only hope that what moves me can possibly move others and with that there is a connection. I don’t want to make something pretentious or fake or forced. I want my artwork to feel like a natural extension of myself. 

I haven’t even had room to write either. That is bothersome because there is so much I want to tell. Please check the link along the side of my blog and if you can help out by donating or requesting a commission piece or buying from my Etsy store.

Have a great day!

Creative Overload

The past few days I have been in creative overload. There are too many ideas trying to get out at once and all at warp speed.  I want to rest, but I can’t because there is always something that needs to be done.  I will probably be up all night seeing how I want to do some paintings.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have been thinking of stuff to be thankful for.  I suppose the biggest part of my life I am thankful for is my wonderful family. My parents and sister have gone above and beyond in their support of my dreams. I am sure to thank God/Goddess everyday because I know without them I would be nothing.

I will be baking a flourless chocolate cake tonight (for tomorrow). I baked one a few years ago and it was delicious. I’ve been baking a lot more these days…I mean two cakes up from no cakes is quite a jump, don’t you think?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving y’all!