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Monthly update

Hello Again!

Art is life. Art is boom. Live the Art.

These are all things Artists (successful Artists) say to those of us struggling in the muck of our creative juices and impulses. “If you aren’t living and breathing your art, then you are not a true Artists.” Unfortunately, in this economy, it is hard to “live and breathe”‘  that Art when you have bills to pay and be accountable too.  You don’t want to just do things for the money, but society is truly set up  to kill the creative spirit. That is how I’ve been feeling lately.

I don’t know if  I mentioned this before, but my mom had surgery recently. She is recovering..luckily my sister was able to take some time off to help. But for the past week, it has been me with both parents and it can get very frustrating and stressful. Considering my own back and stress issues….yeah.   Finding the energy and will to complete projects is difficult. Finding the time to really flesh all I want to flesh out is just vexing.

Below, is blast from the past. A vector graphic I called DJ Na-O. It has a lot of elements I enjoy. I like the colors a lot. It is like he is the DJ for spring or something or the DJ of the Dawn…LOL



Needed a pick me up…

Lately, I have been feeling a little blue. Tonight I feel especially down because it is Friday and once again I have nowhere to go…so I decided to make myself a cheerful illustration, “Bestfriends”:


The website redesign isn’t going as well as I thought. I can’t decide on what colors I want to use. Perhaps I will go for something dark this time.  I want something that reflects who I am without being too “girly” which really makes no sense because I am “girly.” I’ll keep working at it. Whichever direction I take, Dancingchimeras.com will look different by next Saturday.

I think the next digital illustration I do I will do in Painter. I haven’t used it in forever, but the next sketch I want to develop needs to have a painterly look.